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Rent A John Fresh Water Tanks
Our Water Works™ Fresh Water Delivery system provides 100 gallons (200 gallon model available) of fresh water using a built-in, on-demand pump. It’s the perfect accessory wherever people work – office trailers, food service trailers, tool cribs, lunch rooms – for portable showers, sinks and fresh-water portable flush toilets. Designed to operate on regular household current, the circuits are protected by GFCI and a low-water electrical shut-off.

If more fresh water capacity is needed, the Water Works™ Auxiliary Tank can be used to double the capacity. The addition of a 250 or 300-gallon holding tank provides complete sanitation service to any trailer or mobile office.
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  • Can be plumbed to fill from outside the trailer
  • When it is time to empty and remove, water quickly drains through its 1″ valve
  • Cleaning the inside is easy through the 10″ diameter access cover at the top
  • Tank is semi-transparent, so customers or service personnel can tell at a glance how much water is left

Advantages over other alternatives:

  • Easy to install, service, clean and transport
  • On-demand electrical pump delivers 200 gallons of fresh water whenever it is needed
  • Only 46 pounds empty, it can be transported to a service site by one person
  • Dimensions (60″ high by 23″ wide) are designed to fit inside even the smallest closet

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