Not All Portable Toilets Are Alike

Not all portable toilets were created equal. Some sacrifice luxury in favor of convenience, some do the opposite. When clients are looking for a portable toilet solution, the two existing choices are the more familiar “porta potty” and the newer idea of portable restroom trailers. Rent A John provides both toilet solutions for all your needs.

Portable Restroom… Trailers?

That’s right, portable restroom trailers provide all the functionality of your traditional portable toilets but with the luxury of your home bathroom. Although not the best solution for work zones, portable restroom trailers provide on-demand bathroom access for weddings or other events that are otherwise far-removed from civilization. “Luxury” and “portable toilet” are two terms that rarely see one another’s company. However,  these trailers are furnished with hardwood floors, high-quality sinks, artwork and full mirrors. For a more information about these amenities, visit our Executive Restroom Trailer page.

Porta Potties

There’s a reason porta potty design has been left mainly untouched. These functional, easy-to-move units provide toilet access with an optional instant hand sanitizer. This is Rent-A-John’s most economical solution. To read more specifications on the standard porta potty, click here.

Lifting Sling Portable Toilets

This model has the same dimensions and features of a standard unit; however, this unit also has a lifting system installed. Perfect for rooftops, this solution brings the restroom to the worker which ultimately saves both time and money. For more information, click here.

Poly Lift Portable Toilets

Similar to the lifting sling, this restroom solution can be craned to rooftops and other building levels. Unique to this restroom, it also is on wheels – rolling a portable toilet on and off the site and into elevators has never been easier! For more information, click here.

Let Rent-A-John be your one-stop-shop for sanitation facilities and more! Click here to learn more about our services and toilets.


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