Why Your Event Needs a VIP Bathroom

Your wedding or business meeting needs a VIP bathroom. While conventional porta potties offer the functionality and versatility needed for most bathroom goers – a VIP bathroom will give those special people at your event an option worthy of their… well… business

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What is a VIP Restroom

A VIP restroom in the portable restroom world is the restroom trailer. A restroom trailer, as its name suggests, is a larger bathroom solution that still remains portable. These bathrooms benefit from their larger size and more expansive list of features and amenities. Your event goers will appreciate the added elegance and functionality of your restroom trailer. Ones step inside and they will completely forget their inside a porta potty!

Features to Wow

Open the door to a portable restroom trailer and you’ll be greeted with a cool wave of fresh air. Far departed from their less-classy counterparts –  our restroom trailers feature air conditioning and traditional air-scenting devices. Your restroom away from home, restroom trailers include all the familiar commodities of a traditional restroom. Fully-functioning sinks, flushing toilets, cabinets, tile backsplashes and hardwood floors all come standard with our bathroom trailers.

While there’s still a special place in our heart for more traditional portable restroom solutions, porta potties at professional events stand in contrast to the formal environments they become a part of.

Incoming Inclement Weather? No Problem!

It’s important to take into account weather conditions for your event. If rain is a possibility, restroom trailers can ease your worries. Additionally, trailers provide an escape from the hot, humid Wilmington weather.

Of Higher Capacity

Depending on which portable restroom trailer solution you choose – these trailers can offer more room and toilets to accommodate a larger number of guests.

A More Elegant Solution

The outside of our executive restroom trailer is minimal in its design. You no longer have to worry about jarring porta potties littering your event’s landscape. Instead, restroom trailers provide clean edges that compliment its professional interior. They are fit for any guest’s needs, from construction workers to brides with trailing trains.

VIP restrooms are also cleaner than other porta potties. This is because the space is more like that of a bathroom in your home where flat surfaces are available and the floor is more expansive.

Rent-A-John’s Unmatched Quality and Service

To read more about our VIP Restroom Trailers, visit our dedicated page here where you can place an order for your event and view more pictures.

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