Estimating Your Portable Restroom Needs

Estimating your portable restroom needs is an important step to take in ensuring your guests needs are well met. Enduring long bathroom lines at a wedding or other special event is an experience I (and all others I’ve met) would like to avoid at all costs. Use these tips in estimating your portable restroom needs so the awkward “potty dance” becomes a non-issue.

Estimating Your Portable Restroom Needs

Event Size

Several websites claim to offer comprehensive calculators to narrow down the number of portable restrooms needed; however, it’s not so wipe-and-dry. Crowd size is an important factor to consider, so keep that in mind. One toilet per 50 guests is a safe measurement – but again, this is dependent on other event factors.

Event Duration

Are your guests attending a 1-hour event? Perhaps you can be more lax about your portable restroom requirements. If your event exceeds the 3-hour mark, it may be worth adding a few extra restrooms to your event. Guests tend to not use the restroom often otherwise.

Is It a Catered Event?

If your event provides any form of refreshment, then extra portable toilets are a must. This tip does not need explaining, we hope.

Age of Guests

If your event is attended by toddlers or young children, bathrooms will become more of a necessity. The same holds true for seniors.

Event Venue

If your special event is being hosted at a venue, take into consideration the possibility of existing restrooms. This will help ease your portable restroom needs and is often an overlooked venue feature when portable restrooms have an assumed need.

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