Portable toilet illustration with Rent A John colors Myths about Portable Toilets debunked
There are many myths about portable toilets floating around out there—a reputation that precedes them. And those myths keep folks from appreciating just how handy they can be in all types of situations.  From the smell to the cleanliness to the price, we are debunking some of the most common myths ...
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Portable Toilets for Events Wilmington Marathon Porta Potties for events weddings parties
There are many reasons people choose to rent portable toilets for events. Porta potties protect residential restrooms from an influx of usage while also being convenient, flexible and cost effective. However, the challenge lies in accurately assessing your portable restroom needs as part of the event planning process. If your headcount ...
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Portable Outside Restrooms
There are a vast number of reasons for renting portable outside restrooms. From large outdoor events to movie sets, from construction sites to block parties, you'd be amazed at all the situations where a porta potty comes in handy. So, what makes this toilet option so appealing? If you're considering porta ...
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Portable Bathroom Trailer On Location For Event or Construction Worksite Rent A John Wilmington NC
If you’re looking for a porta potty that offers style, luxury and comfort, a portable bathroom trailer is exactly what you need! If you’re thinking to yourself, what on earth are they talking about, allow us to explain. At its essence, a bathroom trailer is a high-quality portable toilet option that ...
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Portable hand wash stations outside of portable toilets event wedding festival construction worksite
Clean hands are a necessity for any event or worksite, especially when there’s food involved. While traditional portable toilets often include hand sanitizer (ours do!), you may want a way for guests or workers to clean up with fresh water. Portable hand wash stations are an excellent way to fight ...
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OSHA rules
The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is a government entity that creates rules and regulations that provide safety and well-being standards for workers. In this blog, we’ll examine the OSHA rules pertaining to the regulation of portable bathroom facilities at construction sites. read more
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VIP Bathroom
Porta-potties aren't something that automatically comes to mind when you think of events. However, they are an essential part of event planning. And when it comes to high-profile glamorous events, your wedding or garden party requires a VIP bathroom. While conventional porta potties offer the functionality and versatility needed for most ...
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Estimating Your Portable Restroom Needs
Estimating your portable restroom needs is a crucial step to take when ensuring your guest's needs are met. Enduring long bathroom lines at a wedding, concert or other special event is an experience you need to avoid at all costs. Not having enough portable toilets can result in long lines and ...
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Reserve Now For Your Spring Wedding

Posted on: January 5, 2017

spring wedding
Reserve a portable toilet solution for your Spring wedding today to ensure availability. Spring is an ideal time to host a wedding our region. Flowers are blooming, the air is cool yet inviting, and summer heat has yet to take hold.                   read more
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History of the Porta Potty

Posted on: December 4, 2016

When we look at a construction or event site, our eyes glaze over porta potties as if they are part of the landscape. However, the history of the porta potty may be more interesting that you think. In this blog post, we'll explore the history of our most loved restroom ...
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